Family Law-Divorce

Divorce can be one of life’s most challenging events. The stress and emotional upheaval during this period can be overwhelming, with the decisions being made impacting the rest of your life.  It is critical to hire an experienced family law attorney who will aggressively advocate for you.  Family law deals with family related matters and domestic relations.  These areas include: divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal support and alimony, equitable distribution (property division), child support and modification, agreements, and other mediation. 

Each family court case is unique.  When handled properly, parties are often able to reach settlements resolving their case in a manner that is both fair and practical, for the parties and their minor children.  When the parties are unable to agree, our law firm brings together an experienced litigation team to ensure the best result possible for each client.  We have access to the top forensic accountants, financial experts, and investigators to assist us with preparing each case, when necessary.  

Our law firm is experienced with the challenges of contested financial and custody cases, and have the skills, knowledge and experience to resolve your South Carolina divorce.  We take pride in protecting your children’s best interest, along with your financial future. 

The Law Firm of Sandye T. Hicks, LLC is located in Conway, South Carolina and serves clients throughout the Conway and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.  We provide aggressive and effective representation, at a time you need it most.  Our wealth of family law experience combined with our preparation, meticulous attention to detail, and compassion for you and your children, allows us to maximize your results, while protecting your future.

We handle all South Carolina Divorce, Child Custody, and Post-Divorce-related cases, including:

Child Custody and Visitation
Spousal Support and Alimony
Property Division
Child Support and Modification

If you are in need of a knowledgeable, aggressive, and effective family law attorney, I highly recommend Sandye Hicks. She guided me every step of the way and achieved a result far greater than I ever anticipated. She protected my family and future, and I will always be grateful.
— Amy, Community Member

At the Law Firm of Sandye T. Hicks, LLC,

We understand how critical it is to select the right lawyer to assist you with navigating through the rigors of a divorce. We assist clients throughout the Conway and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.  If you are recently separated, have been served with an absolute divorce complaint or are contemplating filing one, or if you have questions or concerns surrounding these difficult issues, contact us today to discuss your options (843) 488-2929.  Knowledge is power.