Child Support and Modifications

Every parent has a financial responsibility to assist with supporting their child.  At the Law Firm of Sandye T. Hicks LLC, we help our clients understand their obligations, and how they are determined in South Carolina. In the event of a material and substantial change in circumstances, we can also help clients seek a modification of the ordered child support.

Knowledge is power, and we encourage you to meet with our experienced lawyer to obtain knowledge to make an informed decision about your situation.  We represent clients throughout Horry County, including the Conway and Myrtle Beach areas in child support matters. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced lawyer (843) 488-2929. 

South Carolina Child Support Guidelines

In South Carolina, child support is a mathematical calculation based on the gross monthly income of each party (the amount you make, not the amount you bring home).  In addition to the gross monthly income of each party, the cost of the following factors is also used to determine the child support obligation:

(1)       Cost of health insurance for your child(ren);

(2)       Cost of work-related day care; and

(3)       The total number of children 

Modifications to Child Support

To modify your current child support obligation, you must be able to prove a substantial and material change in circumstance.  For example, parents may have to prove that an unforeseen event has occurred, which affects their ability to pay. Working with an experienced family law attorney can help protect your rights when child support payments are being established or when they need to be modified.  

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At the Law Firm of Sandye T. Hicks, LLC,

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